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Introduction to the characteristics of TPU heat sealing tape


2023-07-01 17:08:50

TPU heat-sealing tape is made of imported adhesive resin, and its characteristics are as follows:

1. It has excellent adhesion to all kinds of textiles, air permeability, dry cleaning resistance, washing performance, no foaming, no wrinkles.

2. Washable, easy to use and high efficiency.

3. This product does not contain formaldehyde, is non-toxic, and has no pollution to the human environment.


1. The appearance is transparent, with a certain strength and elasticity of the film, and it is attached with imported solvent-free and environmentally friendly anti-sticking paper.

2. Softening point 95-105oC.

3. Operating temperature 120-160oC

4. It is recommended to add a pressure of 0.5-1.5kg.

5. The recommended processing time is 5-20 seconds.

product specification.

1. PA, PU hot-melt adhesive film: 0.025mm--0.20mm, strong adhesion, resistant to dry cleaning and washing, and can be used for bonding various exquisite patterns.

2. PO hot glue film: 0.06mm--0.30mm, strong adhesion and good stability, generally suitable for bonding and making sequins, metal, aluminum sheets and various fabrics or exquisite patterns.

3. Cold water-soluble film: 0.03mm--0.06mm, melts cleanly in water without any residue, generally used in computer embroidery, cross-stitch, various high-end underwear, fashion and special fabrics, etc. After use, the product does not fade, and the pattern Clear and beautiful.

4. TPU hydrolysis and yellowing resistance series: 0.4mm--0.7mm, water sports balls, zorb balls, etc.

5. TPU transparent film: 0.03mm--1.0mm, general purpose: gift bags, powder bags, oil bags, water bags, keyboard covers, shoe materials, electronics industry, industrial belts, etc. can be used.

6. TPU film: 0.012mm--0.05mm, translucent, super transparent, generally used for lamination, waterproof and breathable; there are high breathability, medium breathability, and low breathability.

7. TPU waterproof strip: 0.05mm--0.30mm