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Working principle of gear coupling


2023-07-11 17:56:32

What is a gear coupling?

The gear coupling is composed of an inner ring gear with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling with outer teeth. External teeth are divided into two tooth shapes: straight teeth and drum-shaped teeth. The so-called drum-shaped teeth are made of spherical surfaces. The center of the spherical surface is on the gear axis. The tooth side clearance is larger than that of ordinary gears. Larger angular displacement is allowed (compared to spur couplings), which can improve the contact conditions of the teeth, improve the ability to transmit torque, and prolong the service life. When the gear coupling is working, the two shafts produce relative displacement, and the tooth surfaces of the inner and outer teeth periodically slide relative to each other in the axial direction, which will inevitably cause tooth surface wear and power loss. Therefore, the gear coupling needs to be well lubricated and sealed. work in the state.

gear coupling

The working principle of the gear coupling can be divided into two parts: gear transmission and coupling transmission. First of all, gear transmission refers to the meshing between two gears, and the power and torque are transmitted through the rotation of the gears. The meshing of the gears is determined by the number of teeth and the modulus of the gears. The more teeth of the gears, the tighter the meshing of the gears and the greater the transmitted torque. 

Coupling transmission refers to the connection and transmission of the coupling. A coupling is a mechanical device that connects two shafts, enabling them to rotate and transmit power and torque. There are many ways to connect the coupling, the common ones are gear coupling, elastic coupling, universal joint coupling and so on.

The working principle of the gear coupling is to combine the gear transmission and the coupling transmission, and transmit power and torque through the meshing of the gears and the connection of the coupling. When the two shafts need to be connected, insert the coupling into the shaft hole, and then fix the coupling on the shaft with bolts. As the gears start turning, their gears mesh, which transmits power and torque. The job of the coupling is to connect two shafts together, allowing them to rotate and transmit power and torque, while also reducing vibration and shock between the shafts.

Gear coupling is a common mechanical transmission device. Its working principle is to transmit power and torque through the meshing of gears and the connection of couplings. Gear couplings are used in a wide range of applications, including machinery manufacturing, aerospace, automobile manufacturing and other fields. In practical applications, the selection and installation of gear couplings are very important. Only by correctly selecting and installing gear couplings can the normal operation and long-term stability of mechanical equipment be guaranteed.

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