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Slewing Bearings, Slewing Rings.
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About LZTC Bearing

LTZC Bearing is a professional slewing bearing manufacture with following main Products. Slewing Bearing, Large Size Non-standard Precision Bearing, Ladle Turret Slewing Bearing Shield machine bearing series, Rolling Mill Bearing.

LZTC Bearing Produts

The main products of LTZC BEARING are slewing bearing, non-standard precision bearing, rolling mill bearing, unit assembly related to bearing, Oversize Precision Rail. The product processing range is outer diameter: 200 mm - middle 10000 mm.

Our product accuracy covers four levels of P0, P6, P5 and P4. Implementation standards: universal bearing GB/T307, slewing bearing JB/2300, ship industry CB/13669, machinery industry JB/10471, wind turbine bearing B/T10705.ThelS9001 quality system certification has been passed in 2003.LTZC BEARING also recently passed the factory recognition of Bureau Veritas and also supported various third-party testing (CCS, NK,ABS,TUV etc.)

LTZC BEARING has a complete production line and equipment, and carries out quality control throughout the whole process from turner, heat treatment, grinder and assembly.

LZTC Bearing Target Markets:

Russia, United States, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, UK, Braizil and more.

LZTC Bearing Products Applications:

Port machinery, engineering machinery, vessel, national key projects, wind power, cement machinery.

petrochemical, metallurgy, electricity. mining etc.